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Five Reasons To Go For Our Trailer Stage Hire In Gloucestershire

Festivals and events are the peak of summer time in the United Kingdom. Find a festival and be at one with nature, music and the arts. Our team at Stages for Hire can provide our Trailer stage hire in Gloucestershire.

Our Trailer stage is a popular choice among event organisers and will guarantee that you have a statement stage for the guests to look out for. Not only is the Trailer stage engineered with quality materials, but features everything your event needs. Here’s five reasons to choose our Trailer stage:

  1. Set-up is quick and easy. From our team turning up, it will only take 45 minutes to fully set-up the stage on level ground. The easy and strong fittings will guarantee a solid finish.
  2. Big space for all events. The stage features a large performing space, fit for bands, dancers and more. 42sq metre or 30sq metre options are available for the stage.
  3. Lighting options. Adding lighting to the stage is a great way to punctuate the performers through the night and day. Lighting can be hung from the top of the stage as well as added to the sides.
  4. Design it to fit your event. We will give you the dimensions so that you can create a headline banner at the top, as a background and on the sides.
  5. An affordable quote. Speak to our team to discover how easy it can be for you to hire our Trailer stage.

To find out more about our service, get in touch with us.

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