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Trailer Stage Hire Bristol


Performing space? Check. Ability to be customised for your event? Check. Less than 45 minutes to build? Check. At Stages for Hire, we can provide your event with quality trailer stage hire in Bristol and make a focal point for entertainers and bands.

Our ‘Trailer Stage’ we offer has been used for events across England and Wales to provide a big space and good-looking statement piece for the festival or gig. The German-engineered stage is ideal for small to medium events and can be set-up quickly on flat ground.

The typical banners that you see at the biggest festivals across the world like Glastonbury, Bestival and Coachella can be attached to the sides of the stage to advertise or promote your event. When pictures are being taken at your event, it’s important that people can see and share it with your branding on it.

We will provide you with the dimensions for the two banners so that you can order one that will fit perfectly. This is combined with the lighting arrangement on the stage to keep the party going all night long.

Our Trailer Stage is available with a 42 square metres space on a 7m x 6m format or in a two-thirds option with 30 square metres on 7m x 4m format. To discuss your size options and ask us what is best for your event, get in touch with us today.