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Trailer Stage Hire Bristol

If you’re looking for trailer stage for hire in Bristol, look at what our team at Stages for Hire have to offer for your event. Whether you’re looking for a main stage to headline your festival or you are looking to enhance your event to the next level – our trailer stage is perfect for you.

Featuring 42 square metres of performing area and its metal framing glimmering in the sunshine; you can be sure of quality hire equipment. When our team arrive at your venue, we are able to build the whole stage in just 45 minutes. This is applicable to even ground, so if your event is on uneven ground then it will take a little bit longer to secure in place.

Our trailer stage features two side-winged banners that can be customised depending on your event. If you want to make it look as professional as possible, we will give you the dimensions so you can buy a bespoke banner for the structure.

Made in Germany, the trailer has been used for rock concerts, car festivals and many more events. Our team are on hand to answer any of your concerns about our stages and the generators we offer. Simply fill out our online booking enquiry to get a quote or ring us on 0800 999 3285 to find out more.