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Can the stages be built on all grounds and do they need any additional weights?

Yes, it can be built on all grounds. The ground it will be built on will be discussed during the booking process so that we are aware in advance. In most cases no additional weights are needed however confirmation on this will be carried out when booking.

Can the stages be delivered across the UK?

All stages can be delivered across the UK, delivery costs will be discussed during the booking process. Please contact us for more information and one of the team will be happy to discuss your needs.

picnic benches for hire set up

How long does it take for a stage to be built?

Each stage type differs in the length of time needed for the built however all stages can be built and signed off within 2 hours.

How long can you hire a stage for?

All stages can be hired for as long as desired, however regular service checks may be needed if the stage is built for more than 2 weeks in order to assure our high level of safety on each stage is maintained. Each stage is a temporary solution however please contact us if you would like something more permanent and we are more than happy to assist.

Do you offer stage dry hires?

Unfortunately, we do not offer dry hires of stages due to safety regulations that must be met in order to complete the build.

Is a deposit required to book a stage?

Yes a deposit is required when booking every stage, please contact us for more information as this amount differs across all stages.

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